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Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Many people have strong emotional sways that occur in relation to season. We are mammals just like bears are. Many of us would like to hybernate through the winter, but that is not an option for many of us. The fact that we can not, but must suffer through the winter is what defines seasonal affective disorder.

The sun and Seasonal Affective Disorder: There are important interactions between the human body and the sun when the human body is in sunlight. Necissary vitamin productions which take place, and some studies even relate changes in basic neurotransmitter levels to the amount of sun a person recieves. When the days shorten, or a person is on a submarine (my example I know all too well) seasonal affective disorder may strike hard.

Why does Seasonal Affective Disorder affect me? It only makes sense then, that since we are all made different that some of us are affected more by the change in daylight intensity and time as seasons change. During winter when the days are shorter many people become extremely depressed only to feel better the next summer. Frequently these mood shifts are coupled with weight changes and even overall changes in opinions on life. The severity in which seasonal affective disorder strikes varies based on many variables.

How do I fight Seasonal Affective Disorder? Some of the best ways to stab off the effects of seasonal affective disorder are to eat foods rich in serotonin precursers, use naturual antidepressants, get as much sunlight as you can, or use light therapy.

Drugs, Depression & Antidepressant Drugs > Seasonal Affective Disorder