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Drug Links

Here are links to top drug websites.

Social Audit - top pick Raises unthinkable questions about drug company motives. Social Audit is one of my two top rated drug links.

BioPsychiatry - extremely interesting non commercialized directory of drug information.

Drug Awareness - Learn about how life threatening drugs have made billions before being pulled from the shelves.

Drug Policy Alliance - Offers educational tips aimed at preventing the erosion of human rights.

Erowids.org - top pick. these guys are amazing!!! They have info on just about any drug you can imagine. Erowids is one of my two top rated drug links.

Lycaeum - similar to erowids, though I believe they are under construction

NORML - site aiming at reforming Marijuana laws, one of my cooler drug links.

Dance Safe - site aiming at eductating about club drugs and making clubs a safer environment

Ecstacy Data org - site offers ecstacy pill testing

FDA ban of L Tryptophan - page discussing the fishy subject of Tryptophan becoming illegal right as Prozac was released as a wonder drug of the future.

Drug Policy Alliance - aims at displaying the harm the war on drugs offers to society day in and day out

Bouncing Bear Botanicas - sells many of interesting herbs at some of the lowest prices on the web. (this is a free listing although I am an affiliate of them and have affiliate links to them on some of my other sites)

High Times - how could I not link to them in my drug links?

The Infinite Mind - cool weekly radio shows...big thumbs up :)

Legalize Legalize - domain I purchased for my friend which he is s l o w l y building.

BlueLight - forum with many honest discussions on illegal drug use. many people try to help others kick their addiction using first hand knowledge from past experience..



Drugs, Depression & Antidepressant Drugs > Drug Links