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It is recommended that you read about serotonin tryptophan and natural antidepressants before using any pharmaceutical antidepressants.

Paxil Side Effects and Paxil Feedback

As stated on the Paxil page, Paxil is known to cause suicidal tendancies in many people. Depressed people who already are on medicatation such as Paxil are frequently slow to ask for help.

One person who visited my Paxil web page sent me an email about the effects of Paxil on their life.

"I have been taking Paxil for about a week. Already I have tried slitting my wrists and think I am loosing my mind."

I sent them a reply and hope I helped, I have not received one back. Imagine the mental anguish they must have went through to send a cry for help to a total stranger. If you feel Paxil has harmed you please help others avoid the pain. I will try to include many of the Paxil effects on this page as people tell me how Paxil has effected their lives. I will not filter results. If Paxil has helped you I will report it too. Tell me about Paxil either way.



I have been on paxil for about 11 months because I have severe panic attacks now I think that is gone but how do I wean myself from this drug. I have stopped taking paxil for 3 days my body feels as if there is a wave of electricity going through it I am having difficulties concentrating what do you suggest i do to ease this feeling. Leave it and my body will come back to normal



I started Paxil about 8 weeks ago. After 1 week I started to experience headaches and zapping. Not knowing that it was Paxil, could cause this situation I went to my medical Dr. and he took blood test, UA, and had a Ct Scan/contrast. Everything came back normal. I decided on 10/7/03 to take myself off Paxil, thinking that nothing could be worse than what I was going through. Well I was wrong; I started going through withdrawal and that is pure hell. I not only still have the headaches and zapping but I am now feeling anxiety, irritable, fatigue, tremors, vertigo, nausea and numerous other symptoms of withdrawal. The nightmares are terrible and so are the hot flashes that I also experienced while taking the medication. I am furious and discussed that my Psychiatrist put me on such a drug that is so addicting and causing so many problems. I am an Alcohol/Drug counselor and had never been addicted to any Alcohol or drugs before in my life. To seek out help for a stressful time in my life and to be put on such a dangerous drug such as Paxil. It appears that I am damned if I stay on it and damned if I go off has me feeling outrageous and angry, not only at the company that put this drug out but also for my Dr. not to tell me the effects or that I would have withdrawal symptoms if I came off. Well I am coming off and I will not be weaned off like so many others it will be cold turkey for me. To me to say that you need to be weaned off is no different than giving someone methadone to get them off heroin. Using one drug to offset another or taking less of a drug at a slower pace, one will never be off and only keep going back to help deter the effects of withdrawal. 4 days now for me and I will fight and get back my sanity.

It is now day eight since I took myself off Paxil. I still have the headaches but they are finally easing up. The zapping is getting worse and the whoosh noise is still there. I have been experiencing the following withdrawal symptoms along with the above. Vertigo, tremors so bad I was beating up myself, nightmares when I finally do fall asleep, irritable, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, lack of concentration, fearful, anxiety, depression, crying uncontrollably, anger, frustration, heart palpitation, dizziness, flu symptoms, weakness, disoriented and chills. I am wondering what is next. I talked to the FDA today also. Surprising they returned my call. I only wish that I had taped the conversation. The following is part of the conversation I had with them. The person I talked to stated that they don't feel that Paxil is addictive because it doesn't carry the behavior of a person that is dependent on a drug. A person that will go out and steal to obtain their drug of choice or cause harm to another. I explained since I am an Alcohol/Drug counselor that any drug that will cause a person to have withdrawal symptoms especially the ones I stated above that the drug is defiantly an addictive drug and any other term is not going to satisfy the public. I also stated that any SSRI is used to enhance the seritonin in ones body and that doctors need to test to find out if ones seritonin level is low in which they need to enhance. If a person does not have a low seritonin level than these drugs can and do cause more problems for an individual. Doctors aren't given all the facts with prescribing these types of meds and need to do some more studies to make sure others aren't harmed like myself and many of you who are writing in. The one thing all can do is get this advertising stopped that Paxil is not addictive or habit forming. Lets start flooding the lines and start calling the FDA and the dept that handles complaints about advertising Paxil. Please call and tell them your story. The advertising section of FDA is (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240. Lets ban together and get Glaxo-Smith Kline to admit the truth about these effects and to get them to stop lying that it is not addictive or habit forming. Also do your own memory recall as to any symptoms you felt while being on the Paxil or any SSRI. Tell the people at the FDA if you experienced any zapping, whooshing noise, headaches (And how severe they were, Hot flashes or anything else that you may have experienced while being on Paxil. The FDA is basically only hearing about the withdrawals and nothing about peoples experience on the Paxil. Lets speak and fight for our rights and the rights of the future.


I was taking a similar anti-depressant by the name of Paxil, and experienced the same withdrawal symptoms. The most disturbing for me was the electric shock feeling from the top of my head through to the bottom of my feet. I was considering taking a different SSRI such as Zoloft or Prozac, but now that I know the same symtoms may occur with these ones as well I am wondering if there isn't another alternative for anxiety disorders. I would really rather not be doomed to a life of pill popping, just as I would rather not be doomed to a life of anxiety.


I started taking Paxil ( Bad Stuff ) about 6 months ago. I put on 30 lbs while taking it. For that reason alone I quit cold turkey. Not realizing what was about to happen. I literally went to the brink of insanity. My husband was afraid to leave me alone. My entire family was horrified. My parents came from out of town so I wouldn't have to be alone.
I cried uncontrollably, went into fetal position, nausea, diarrhea, involuntary muscle stuff, extreme confusion, the zaps, I could go on. Then it would leave as fast as it came. Then back again.
I have now been tapering, I'm down to a quarter of a 20mg tablet every third day. This last drop has been horrible.
I know when I'm about to start going through withdrawal because I'll start to get nausea, and Gi symptoms. Not to mention I can be out somewhere and all of the sudden become confused, to the point that I should not be driving.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that Paxil has taken control.
In my late teens and early 20's I messed with street drugs, none of them ever did this to me.
Anyway, I'll get through. I hope this helps someone else.
( The suicide thing scares me too) Los of control scares me.

I haven't seen anything regarding this on your web site, but I am hoping that I am not the only person who finds it difficult to share a life with paxil user. Now, some people might misinterpret this and ask "what is better, living with a person who has constant panic attacks or with somebody who is on paxil". In order to clarify this, please let me tell you my story and I will make it as short as possible:
** my husband started using paxil this March. Had regular side effects at the beginning, but now he is fine. He is not depressed any longer, no more panic attacks, can go thru car wash without problem, can fly in small planes and all that.
But, now I have a problem: my husband is not the person I feel in love with any longer. Instead of having passionate, funny, always on the go guy, now I am with a person who appears to be as one who does not care if the sky falls down tomorrow. He has no sense of responsibility no longer, everything is fine with him, does not care for anything. When I approached him with a same question, he said he does care but maybe not showing it. In the meantime, I am father, mother, lover, friend and everything else to myself and him and our child.


I have been taking Paxil for almost 3 years. I have tried to stop taking the pill on several occasions and always end up in an emergency room. As of last week my doctor lowered the doses from 20 milligrams to 10, after the first two days I had to go back

to the regular doses since withdrawal effects were so bad that I thought I was going to die. I started getting headaches, nausea,

all kind of body aches. I feel that I am addicted to the medication. I have also gained 40 pounds.
Paxil is a habit former.



I went to my doctor for chest pains. After ignoring me for a while, he did several tests, like chest x-rays, mammograms, blood work, ct-scan and many more. After doing all these tests he said I was just stressed and had anxiety and recommended Paxil. Reluctantly I took paxil and changed doctors. The first week I was on Paxil, I started having nightmares, twitches all over my body, my heart started racing, major anxiety, I though I was going to die. The doctor said to give it some time for the medication to work. I knew the medication was working after 11 days of hell because my pain got worst and I didn't care. I still felt like I was going to die from the pain, but did not care. I decided to get off Paxil after 19 days because I completely lost my sleep. The withdrawal symptoms were worst than my chest pain, not only did I have pain, I also felt horrible and I couldn't sleep. My doctor wanted to put me on another medication and I refused, the pain got worse. I requested to see a psychiatrist He told me that I would feel better after 3 weeks, when the effects of Paxil die down. He also recommended I changed doctors again or go to someone else. The psychiatrist thought I had gallstones. I ended up going to a low income clinic and paying with my own money. The doctor in that clinic was the nicest doctor I had come across in more than a year of hell. He took he time and listened to me. He spent about an hour with me asking me questions and feeling my belly. He also told me that I might have gallstones. Instead of feeling sad, I felt happy, finally someone had taken the time to listen to me. After a sonogram, he said that I did not have gallstones, then I felt devastated and insane. Then he kindly told me that we were going to find out what was wrong. He took another test and it was positive. I was HE-pylori positive and had GERD, all that time I had and ulcer and too much acid going into my esophogus. I'm now taking prevacid and feel like a need person. However, my experience with Paxil left me scared for life.


I have been on Paxil for about 2 years. It has been a life saver for me. I was suffering from extreme anxiety when Paxil was first prescribed to me. My anxiety was stemming from hormone inbalances. I had my tubes tied and went off of my birth control pill. About two weeks later my body went crazy. I though I was dying - my heart was racing, arm and chest in pain and experienced frequent episodes of fainting. I found out through blood work that I was in full blown menopause (I was only 39). My Dr. prescribed a HRT and Paxil. Since then I have had a complete hysterectomy and changed my HRT to Premerin and have stayed on Paxil.

I know I would not have made it through this difficult time with my body chemistry changing had it not been for the Paxil. I fortunately did not suffer any of the symptoms associated with anti-depressants. I used to be on Zoloft for depression about 8 years ago and find the Paxil works better for me. The hard part is getting off of the drug. They say these drugs are not habit forming but I do not believe that. I am getting ready to start "weaning" myself off Paxil. I know from past experience you can not just stop taking it. That, is my only complaint about the drug. Given the positive effects it has had on my quality of life, I can deal with the issue of getting off of it.

Thank you for your website and the information you provide.


I started taking paxil about a year ago, because at that time I was diagnosed with a cyst on the brain that had grown and needed a biopsy to be done, the doctor had prescribed Paxil prior to surgery about three weeks.I was having such anxiety from attacks the cyst on the brain was causing that I was agreeable to try anything. By the time of the biopsy was being done I felt wonderful,as if I was getting my life back.After the biopsy was done and everything good my doctor felt I should be on Paxil for at least a year, I couldn't complain.During this time my mother advised the warning of taking Paxil and what it was doing to me, I had become as if I didn't care about how my house looked inside( that was not me before taking Paxil) and not to mention the weight gain, at least 40 ponds now and few sizes bigger in clothes.I knew something had to be done.I spoke with my doctor and he warned me of the side effects of getting off the pills.He mentioned the slow weaning process, I thought "no problem". I'm now at half the 20mg I was on and starting to feel some strange feelings.Numbness, slight dizziness, confusion at times, diarrhea and at times headaches.At first I thought maybe it was the cyst coming back, had a MRI done and it wasn't that thank goodness.Just symptoms of withdrawal. After reading everyone else's withdrawal symptoms, does anyone know how long do the symptoms last? how about losing weight afterwards? And last but not least I'm going to kick this little pink pill out of my system! Most importantly, listen to your mother!


I have been taking Zoloft for a week now and every time I take it I have severe stomach camping, diarrhea, I have trouble sleeping and I still have headaches. I started off taking Paxil but I got a non controllable migraine. I had a lot less side affects with the paxil. Don't know how much longer I can take these affects.


I have been taking paxil for 9 days now .The first 5 days 10 mg and the next 4 days 20 mg.I started taking it because i was depressed and started having bad panic attacks.When i have panic attacks i have a rapid heartbeat(normal).But now my heart races all the time?? I have to really relax to get my heart rate down?It seems to me also my mind races more now that i have been on it?I seem to be a lot more grouchy(i keep it to myself though).Does this sound like i am having side affect from paxil?I really get tired of my mind racing and my blood pressure is way up !! The doctor also gave me larazapam 1 mg,it seems to work really good to calm my nerves.I would rather be on that and get off paxil.I know they say to give it 2-3 weeks.........i dont know what to do.


The difference between me and the big corporations which are making over $6,000,000,000.00 a year selling SSRIs is that I do not filter media. here is a possitive feedback I got for paxil.

Every drug we take will cause a different response to each individual. I was lucky and have had great results with paxil. I had horrible anxiety attacks for about a year before I decided to do something about it. I was to the point of moving home to Indiana to be with my parents. I am a successful businessman in cal. And almost gave it all up because of the panic attacks. I have been on paxil for 3 years. I only take 10 mg. but that is all I need and have no side effects except for a lighter sex drive than before but that is it. I sleep great and am much more social than before and really seem to enjoy life more now than before.

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It is also recommended that you read about serotonin and tryptophan before using any antidepressants.


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