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It is recommended that you read about serotonin tryptophan and natural antidepressants before using any pharmaceutical antidepressants.


The history of Paxil: One of the members of the selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor family, Paxil is similar to Prozac, except Paxil is also know to be better suited for anxiety treatment. Glaxo SmithKline created Paxil to serve the functions of an anti anxiety and antidepressant drug.

Paxil caution: Although each SSRI manufacture admit they do not know how their respective drugs work, each claim that they help to correct a “chemical imbalance of the brain.” SSRIs prescribed in the wrong dosage can cause severe chemical imbalances.

What are common Paxil side effects? There have long been complaints about Paxil and how Paxil has severe side effects. I just looked at one web site that required I scroll down to see the massive list of side effects. I have a short list of Prozac side effects on our Prozac page. Paxil has many similar side effects to Prozac.

Paxil legal situation: Most of the complaints about Paxil have gone ignored until recently. On Thursday, June 19, 2003, the FDA, following the lead last week of the British MCA, ruled that Paxil should not be given to kids 18 or under, because of the increased risk of suicidal impulses. That is an example of one small side effect of synthetic antidepressants such as Paxil. I think it alone is so scary that listing any other side effects seems arbitrary. Some have found the side effect to be inaccurate, but if they were wrong I would feel really bad about giving Paxil to my child.

Expanding use of Paxil: Who I am to know anything. They keep expanding the readh of Paxil. FDA approves Paxil CR

Paxil Feedback: I must admit I have not taken Paxil, but for the law to admit the error of Paxil, it shows the severity of its effects if misprescribed. One of my old friends also tried slitting her wrists while taking Paxil. View Paxil Feeback people have sent me.

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It is also recommended that you read about serotonin and tryptophan before using any antidepressants.


Drugs, Depression & Antidepressant Drugs > Antidepressant Drugs > (SSRIs) > Paxil (Peroxatine)