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Environmental Factors of Depression

Many people complain about depression and never do enough self analyzation to discover the sources of their depression. I was fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough) to come across an extreme environmental factor that drove my depression near suicidal levels.

My personal grief: I was a nuclear reactor operator on a fast attack submarine. While on watch I just had to sit still. I was told I could not do simple things to feel good (such as sing.) The same person who told me I can not sing said it was ok to talk about "your 20 greatest grudge fucks on watch" - CDR Sykora. Can you believe a person that uninformed is in charge of over 100 lives and a nuclear submarine?

The environmental factors of the submarine far exceed the effects one man places on you. On a submarine frequently you are forced to huff paint for days or weeks at a time, you have an irregular cycle with little sleep, most the people are depressed and negative.

On top of the above environmental factors of depression a submarine also has poor food nutrition, little fresh food, oxygen is frequently low out of specification. There is no sunlight. No sunlight is rather rough if you believe in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

We also went away every summer I was on the boat which meant that I had no summer for years of my life.

Environmental FYI: I listed the oxygen levels as one of the environmental factors above. Did you know they intentionally keep oxygen levels low then elevate them for cleanup? All the above environmental factors of depression can take a slightly depressed person and spiral them into suicidal tenancies.

I drank until I stopped breathing, but they covered it up. I am out of the navy now and I am finally alive again. View a poem about depression inspired by the submarine (USS Dallas SSN 700.)

Granted other environmental factors of depression may not be as obvious as the submarine, but environmental factors of depression are important to consider when dealing with depression.

Drugs, Depression & Antidepressant Drugs > Depression > Environmental Factors of Depression